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Liquor Friends is pleased to bring you a collection of costs bourbons online. In September, the oldest single malt scotch ever to be bottled and offered was released by Gordon & Macphail, noting a seismic event for scotch fans. But it’s worth advising everybody that old whisky does not always equivalent great whisky. Best fine whiskey

A fast primer on solitary malt scotch: Single malt implies that the whisky comes from one distillery and is made from 100 percent malted barley. While Islay is known for using peat in the malting procedure, which gives its whisky that smoky taste, most of scotch is not smoky in all. There are many to pick from, but below are 12 of the most effective solitary malt scotch distilleries making whisky now.

Highland Park is recognized for a couple of things that are distinct within the scotch whisky industry-namely, its addiction on all things Viking, and its remote Orkney location, that makes it Scotland’s northernmost distillery. Although it can not claim the centuries of whisky making that other scotch distilleries like to boast about, some really excellent whisky has been made at this previous cotton mill since the late 60s. Best fine whiskey

Peaty scotch can be a really dissentious issue for whisky drinkers. Japanese style scotch integrates Scottish practice with Japanese culture.


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