johnnie walker blue tiger

tiger blue label

This year’s intricate design marks the Year of the Tiger and is illustrated by Chinese artist Shan Jiang. The incredible artwork pays homage to the Tiger as a symbol of strength and progress.

The majestic animal is depicted with golden wings, as from the famous Chinese idiom, an expression of vigour and vitality, representing how we are stronger when we walk together. The visuals are completed with the tiger high amongst the mountain clouds, ascending towards the modern metropolis –a sign of prosperity and progress, signifying good fortune for all in the year to come. The intricate illustration is matched by the rare whiskies and centuries of craft that creates the rich fruity flavours, perfectly balanced smoke and Johnnie Walker Blue label Year of the Tiger - Whisky.comremarkable depth of character found in every bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label.


  • Type Whisky    Size750mL
  • Region   Multi-regional blend
  • Standard Drinks  23.7
  • Alcohol Volume  40%
  • Country   Scotland
  • Brand Name  Johnnie Walker
  • Closure   Cork
  • Whisky Style  Blended
  • Spirit Sty

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