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Buy single malt scotch online

A Single Malt Scotch may get all the accolades, but the truth is that the whiskies coming out of Scotland are actually blends. Still, single malts better to the character of a particular distillery from a specific region of Scotland, for obvious reasons. Everything from water to still size to barley affects the distillate, and from there, barrel type and size, and location of the warehouse, determine what whisky actually tastes like once it matures and is ready to be bottled. Blended Scotch, however, diffuses characteristics and flavor of whisky by combining liquid from various and often with grain whisky or neutral grain spirits. A quick primer on single Malt Scotch: single Malt means that whisky comes from one distillery and is from 100-percent Malt barley. So Glenfiddich 12, for example, may be a blend of a few hundred barrels, but all of them come from a distillery, and the 12-Year-Old age statement refers to the youngest whisky in the mix. There are six different whisky regions in Scotland, depending on who you ask, each with its own characterLowlands, Speyside, Highlands, Campbeltown, Islay, and Islands. No, not all single Malt Scotch is although Islay, in particular, is known for using peat in the malting process, which gives its whisky that smoky flavor. Legally, a small amount of coloring can be used for color consistency in single malts. Some people are staunchly against this, believing it affects flavor, while others argue that it has no noticeable difference. Regardless, distilleries don’t use coloring at all in their Whiskies will proudly and loudly let this be known. Ultimately, it is up to you you care about things like adding caramel color or peaty-ness; Whisky fans can argue for days about these issues. What’s indisputable is that there are far too many excellent whisky-making single Malt Scotch include in one list. But here are 12 that you should get to know better.

Highland Park

It was first founded in 1798 and since distilling was heavily taxed back then, it is of no wonder that someone thought this remote island was the best place to hide illicit still. They must have been right since Park thrives today despite its remoteness. Those who work there it more of a duty than a mere job to provide the world with the rich smoky malts they produce. And considering the quality of the liquid that comes out of Highland Park, it is to say they are right. One such malt is age 12 years old. This is the cornerstone of their core range and has been around since 1979, a testament to its quality and popularity. 12-year-old nose in typical Highland Park fashion, ie with plenty of earth tones and that signature peat smoke. Buy single malt scotch online

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