blood oath


blood oath pact 8 USA. Pact No. 8 is the most recent offering from Blood Oath in Kentucky. It is a blend of three great bourbons that go well together, expertly finished in one-of-a-kind Calvados Casks from Normandy, France, and only 51,000 bottles are available globally. Pact No. 8, a complex 98.6 proof whiskey that combines a 14-year, 11-year, and 8-year old rye bourbon, defies traditional bourbon by using the unusual Calvados French Oak cask (used to make apple and pear brandy), emphasizing flavors of apple, vanilla, and cinnamon. Pact 8 is one of Blood Oath’s most intriguing releases and a must-try for aficionados of the brand. It is a surprisingly distinctive bourbon whiskey with a deep amber color, loaded with aromatic stone fruits, butterscotch, and the tartness of ripe apples. liquor friends bring to all the best Blood Oath whiskey 2022 Release: Blood Oath Pact No. 8 - Lux Row Distillers


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