H. Deringer bourbon whiskey


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Alcohol by Volume (%) 40

H. deringer bourbon with gun price, The name of this bourbon comes from Henry Derringer, a well-known American gunsmith. The Philadelphia Deringer, a popular concealed carry percussion handgun of the time, was invented by him. Deringers had the bad reputation of being a favorite tool of assassins due to their small size and simple availability. The most famous Deringer used for this reason was fired in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln by John Wilkes Booth. H.Deringer bourbon is served in a stunning crystal decanter created by a renowned glass artisan. Corn (75%), Rye (21%), and Barley Malt (4%) make up the mash bill.

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Tasting Notes

Vanilla, caramel, dried fruit, and cream aromas. In the end, there’s a light rye spice. Caramel, vanilla, and fruit on the palate. Slightly caramelized, with a hint of spiciness.


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