Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Century Tennessee Whiskey


SIZE: 750mL
REGION: Tennessee

PRODUCT TYPE: American Whiskey

VENDOR: Jack Daniel’s

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jack Daniel’s sinatra century 100 proof Tennessee whiskey

Jack Daniel\’s Sinatra Select is pleased to introduce Jack Daniel\’s Sinatra Century. One of the most limited Tennessee whiskies they have ever released. Aged in distinctively crafted barrels, their 100-proof whiskey is delicately balanced for smoothness. The interior grooves of the barrel coax the whiskey to greater depths of white oak and give the whiskey a complexity of flavors – imparting Sinatra Century with a robust and refined taste.

Jack Daniel\’s Sinatra Century Tennessee | 750ml Tasting Note

Nose: Exudes an oaky aroma, with a pleasant smokiness and subtle sweet notes.

Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select. Master Distiller Jeff Arnett created Sinatra Century through the careful selection of specially crafted barrels.

Palate: Spicy, oaky flavor, Bold character with layers of toasted oak and a slight smokiness.

Finish: Lingering.


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Sinatra Select pays tribute to Jack’s biggest fan: Frank Sinatra.


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