Teeling Single Cask Chestnut Finish Irish Whiskey


SIZE: 750mL
 REGION: Ireland

PRODUCT TYPE: Irish Whiskey

VENDOR: Teeling

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With innovation and creative distilling techniques on the forefront, Teeling\’s limited-release Single Cask is available exclusively to the US market. Hyper-limited to only 846 total bottles available only in New York, California and Illinois, this unique expression boasts an understated flavor and robust natural character.

Beginning as a single malt whiskey, originally matured in former bourbon barrels, the new Single Cask is finished in chestnut casks, resulting in an unusual and complex flavor profile featuring a distinctive chestnut influence.

As with all Teeling Whiskey, the new and Single Cask is finished with Jack Teeling’s signature on the labels as the final sign of approval.

SIZE: 750mL Teeling 13 Jahre Single Cask Chestnut Finish 0,7 l - bei Beowein
REGION: Ireland

PRODUCT TYPE: Irish Whiskey

VENDOR: Teeling

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