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Among many whiskies the world, Canadian whisky is known to be smooth, affordable, and great for mixing Into cocktails. Canadian Whiskies are generally blend, and art that go Into aspect should not be underestimate. Skilled blenders transform numerous grain whiskies of varying ages, along with other flavored spirits, into a drinking experience. The fact that they can replicate the signature taste of whisky in each batch is simply impressive.

Blended Canadian Whisky 40% - Crown Royal

There are some great brands of Canadian whisky choose from and there is something for whisky drinkers of every taste. Whether you enjoy classic light-bodied whisky, one dominated by spice of rye, prefer to sip it straight, or something that is infinitely mixable, there is bottle waiting to spot in your bar. Read on to learn more about the Canadian Whiskies available. Crown Royal is an brand in Canadian whisky, and there is something for everyone. It’s one of the most extensive portfolios in style and encompasses Canada’s flavor profile. Crown Royal Deluxe is the foundation of the brand and requires touch to blend 50 Whiskies into smooth whisky with oak and vanilla notes that is unmistakably Crown Royal. For introduction Canadian Whisky and the taste of what has long been the style benchmark, the bottle you need. Reliable, affordable, and one of the whiskies for cocktails, Canadian Mist has a lot going for it. It is a subtle, and mixable 80-proof whisky. Canadian Mist can stand up to anything you want to mix it with, from to pear and root beer to ginger ale. While it may get lost in recipes with too many flavors, it’s perfect for simple cocktails with a few ingredients. The softer of this whisky also makes it a great choice for drinkers who prefer white spirits like gin, rum, and vodka. Best of all, it is one of the cheapest whiskies on the so it’s one you can keep stock in your bar without worrying about price. It’s unusual to find Canadian whisky priced over 100, luxury bottles are out there. One worth tasting is Pendleton Directors Reserve, 20-year-Old that is smooth, spicy, and very enjoyable. Pendleton is one of those cross-border Whiskies brings Canadian whisky to the United States to be blend. In this case, brand was launched by Hood Distillers in Oregon, and it has since been purchased by Proximo Spirits. That can make this whiskys classification confusing, but Pendleton is Whisky, and Directors Reserve is one of the best in the category. Enjoy this whisky straight. A splash of water or ice cube opens up its flavors, allowing you to fully enjoy its sweet caramel and vanilla flavors accent with great and nut finish. Creamy mouthfeel enriches experience and ensure you’ll be back another sip.

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